Villa SAHAR, Discovering Marrakesh

Travel through history
& the modernity of Marrakech, an imperial city at the gateway to the Sahara and at the foot of the High Atlas mountains

Known as the ‘Pearl of the South’ and the ‘Red City’, Marrakesh unveils its rich tapestry, a mesmerizing blend of enchantment and allure, welcoming you to a world where the Sahara meets the majestic High Atlas.

Here, history is not just remembered; it’s a living part of every street and souk, where tradition and modernity dance together under an eternally sunny sky.

As guests of this city, your stay can be as diverse as Marrakesh itself – whether it’s steeped in culture, indulging in gastronomy, reveling in festivities, enjoying a golf retreat, or embracing a wellness detox…

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time travel in Marrakesh

Renting a villa in Marrakesh, guarantees an unforgettable holiday, cradled by Moroccan culture and picturesque architecture. Beyond its renowned gastronomy and craftsmanship, the city is celebrated for the rejuvenating experiences offered by its oriental spas.

In this city, you journey through time, from the Almoravid dynasty to the present day: let yourself be guided through the Medina and its bustling souks, discover the iconic Koutoubia Minaret, and delve into the history and architecture of El Badi Palace and Bahia Palace.

Exploring this Moroccan gem also means wandering through the vibrant Jemaa-el-Fna square, being enchanted by the legendary Majorelle Garden, a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. For photography enthusiasts, turn your stay into a visual diary by capturing the city’s best photo spots, bathed in natural light perfect for exotic snapshots. Venture into the alleys, from the Medersa Ben Youssef to the most secluded Riads.

Relaxation and entertainment in Marrakesh

Marrakesh, a golfer’s paradise, invites you to its renowned courses, a delightful blend of green rolling hills and desert landscapes.

Your stay at Villa Sahar is the perfect chance to indulge in or discover the joys of golf in this picturesque setting.

But Marrakesh isn’t just a daytime delight. As evening falls, the city transforms, offering a glimpse into its vibrant nocturnal soul.

Experience the allure of Arabian Nights in the passionate hues of the Red City. Your evenings are set to be unforgettable, with a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from gourmet dining and bustling pubs to live concerts and vibrant festivals. Marrakech at night is an experience not to be missed.

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Once you’ve enjoyed all these cultural treasures, take the time to visit a well-known spa or hammam. The massages and baths will surely help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized.


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